Hellooooooo – Once again we hope any holidays you might be enjoying are being enjoyed… We’re NOT complaining but work goes on here at The Bruvs HQ.

Yes it does… and our latest Posting to our Youtube channel is proof…. It’s a new film called CRITICAL MESS – and it’s a re-working of some previous material to show once more what The Bruvs could look like in more of a sitcom format – akin to the US giant The Simpsons, Family Guy or South park etc…

There are some new gags in it too.. so please have a watch.

It’s all about The Bruvs best behaved brothers Doug and Den turning Critics – on art and TV.. So watch out Andrew Graham Dixon and Toby Earl and Hugo Rifkind and Ally Ross and Garry Bushell and the rest….

In fact, as the title suggests, playing on Critical Mass.. The Bruvs turn out not to be natural in the critical arena and things get messy.

We’re pleased with the way the various episodes hang together and the new film gives a stronger sitcom feel to the material. We hope you might agree.

We said work goes on.. and it does also on ALL NEW FILMS and ALL NEW PODCAST SKETCHES – they are all on the way….

We’re still battling the algorithms on Facebook and doing our thing on Insta and twitter.

Massive thanks to the folk who keep calling on TV stations to pick us up and give The Bruvs a run on more traditional TV. If it happens, that would be great. But we are growing every day on Youtube and our View numbers are gaining all the time – so thank you as well for all that support.

Also, massive thanks to those that send us Fan Art.. we’re getting some incredible photoshop stuff – featuring the likes of Jackie Chan and Johnny Depp even – as well as great Pop art imagery featuring our characters.

Thank you all for all you send in – special mentions to those that get stuck in for Wednesday Wink Day and Thumbs Up Thursday. They are growing too….

Keep enjoying the crazy summer weather and the break – if you’re on one ….

Now check out our latest film – let us know what you think.. we love to get comments on Youtube and we love even more getting new SUBSCRIBERS… Get stuck in, Get Involved… Team Bruvs welcomes you…

Til next time…. You can find our latest film on our youtube channel and right here :