Hello –

It’s school break-up season… and the big summer getaway for millions is on the cards any moment… obviously, we are working on and through  here at Bruvs HQ. No rest for the wicked.

So… we’ve posted a mega mix on our youtube channel… of just some of our promotional trailers. We think they give a really good taste of what The Bruvs cartoons are about and we hope you’ll forgive another mash-up.. But they look good. We’re stockpiling them (not for Brexit) but because we are always trying to spread the word of The Bruvs to newcomers. And we love the way you help that on comedy groups and humour / humor forums. Keep it up! Please.

Of course, while we work on here – we are working on new films and new audio comedy and some other interesting things we hope you’re going to take to.

We want to thank you all again for the way you get involved with The Bruvs.. it really does feel like Team Bruvs more and more.. You get stuck into the madness of Wednesday Wink Day and Thumbs Up Thursday…  We’re also getting a lot of FAN ART coming in… Your own take on The Bruvs and The Bruvs imagery… gifs, memes, all sorts.. We want to encourage this more and get you being ever more creative.. we want to see videos .. even impressions of The Bruvs’ characters. Get your pens, ink and brushes out too.. .We love to receive stuff from you all… Perhaps we could have Fan Art Fridays?

So… a new mash-up on our youtube channel, new comedy being works on, bring on YOUR fan art .. YOUR take on The Bruvs .. and keep supporting and spreading the words and sharing what we do. We are very grateful. Thank you all…

If you are going away.. remember The Bruvs are perfect bitesize chunks of video or audio comedy for journeys, waits, traffic jams, hold-ups, delays… or lounging poolside or on the beach. We look forward to going away with you. MORE SOON…..

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