Blimey – it is certainly very wet round The Bruvs HQ today and it is officially Autumn in every sense. Not only time for the big coats to come out but also for many to think about forthcoming Hallowe’en…  Oh yes. And it’s certainly on our minds as we have prepared a very exciting Hallowe’en special comedy cartoon .. which we can’t wait to share with you all.

Before we do though, we are going to tease you with it for a bit. Stills, trailers, promos .. The lot.  The reason being we are on another drive to push up our youtube channel subscriber numbers. As ever we thank each and every one of you – longtime and recent and brand new supporters… for all the backing you give us.. the Likes, Follows, Shares and RTs… It all helps The Bruvs to grow and to reach ever more people. But, in particular, we always look to increase the Page Likes for our The Bruvs page on Facebook, the Followers to our twitter page and the Subscribers to our youtube channel. So, all shares and RTs and extra Subs are very much appreciated right now.

It’s a cracking film with all the things you would want at Hallowe’en … Pumpkins, spiders, scary stuff, blood all mixed up with those numbskulls, The Bruvs.  We’ll be posting it to our youtube channel very soon.

Other work continues here … More new comedy : Both podcasts and films … and ever more activity on twitter, facebook, insta and youtube. In the meantime we have a trailer for our new Hallowe’en film – you can watch it here ….. Til next time.. Thank you all and please keep sharing, Liking and spreading the word on The Bruvs