Hello – it’s been a little while. But we have been very big busy. All the time looking for new ways to entertain you. And we have a fairly large announcement. For quite a while, we’ve been keen to do a Game of The Bruvs.

Amazingly, we were contacted by an indie game development outfit in Canada called GremlinWorx Entertainment who wanted to develop a game with us using our characters Doug and Den. The outcome — so far – is our very first The Bruvs game now available on GooglePlay and coming to AppleStore soon.

It’s in Beta mode currently so it can be fully tested. But it’s available to install and play and  it’s FREE. So do get on it.

As you might imagine, because of the tendency of The Bruvs to produce a baseball bat and hit things – mainly each other – at the drop of a hat, the Game features this. It’s a kind  of whack-a-mole type game.

You know what, we’re not doctors or anything, but possibly playing a game wheree you hit things might have some beneficial qualities right now. You never know.

Producing the game has been great and loads of fun. It doens’t mean we’re stopping making our cartoons and other funny stuff. We hope you enjoyed our special Lockdown Hallowe’en version of  our music video Brick or Treat – see we do like hitting things?

We’re also working on our Christmas film now .. Mind you, who knows what Christmas may bring this year? We’ll be trying to bruing some laughs.

Just for now, though we’re pushing  our Game as we’re rather pleased with it. Lots of plans for it – we aim to improve it in stages and we’ll bring it to this website and our youtube in due course.

Fortunately, we’re causing a bit of a stir with our game in the media and we’re starting to get some write-ups to publicise it all. So thanks so far to Blazing Minds magazine for this lully piece

The Simpsons writer moves animated villains The Bruvs into games

So what’s our first ever indie game called? It’s BUST-A-DOOR and you can find it here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.GremlinWorx.BUST_A_DOOR

Go on – Give it a bash! Ha ha ha… As we say, it might just help.

More from us soon .. In the meantime Keep safe and Take care from all at The Bruvs.