Hello – Blimey it’s December. Been quite a year – to say the least. We’ll look back more fully in a few weeks. For now we’re all about news…

We’re promoting our silly Christmas cartoon film – The Bruvs’ 12 Days of Christmas. It’s not much to do with the traditional version. We hope you enjoy it. Tell others – and do SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel. Please. Find our Christmas film here :

Also – our first game BUST-A-DOOR is going down well with players as we continue to test it in beta format on GooglePlay. We’re adding to it and upgrading all time time. We’re also working on bringing it to AppleStore so iphone fans can get stuck in and start hitting thigns too.

Our image shows how it looks on iphone. We’re tweaking and it will go live for Apple users soon.

We’re getting some nice feedback on the game. It’s not that easy to play and win – and people seem to be liking that.


ALSO – We’re getting more coverage on the game too. A great write-up in the rather nice Cut Frame Magazine is the latest Press we’ve received. All vey much appreciated. The magazine is supportive of The Bruvs and it’s most welcome publicity.

As you might tell, we’re hard at work on all sorts of things to amuse and entertain you – we hope. That’s been our simple mission through this year.

Please keep safe and keep supporting The Bruvs. We are most grateful.