HELLO – first up, are we allowed to mention it? You know? That thing? You know.. the heatwave? – That 2 days blast of mega heat across the UK that felt very hot indeed in our studio. We needed fans then, we can tell you.

OK, that’s that dealt with. On with much more important business… the very latest from us – The Bruvs and Bruvs HQ.

We know loads and loads of you are on holiday / vacation now and we hope you’re having a lovely time.. and enjoying all the benefits of bitesize comedy from The Bruvs on Youtube and soundcloud…

And we hope you’re keeping up with us..  cos we have a new film on our youtube channel.. And for your pleasure it’s one of our longer episodes… Yes, we are continuing to combine past episodes to show what longer shows would look like. We always created certain films knowing they would run one after the other and now we are looking at bringing them together to show more fully the potential of The Bruvs to be longer and more expansive. We would love to have the resources to do this from scratch with some mega episodes.. BUT we operate within our means.

That said, we’re growing all over the shop currently.. on Facebook on insta and twitter and on our Youtube channel. Views are on the up and we hope we can gain ever more Subscribers too. Please keep spreading the word.

The latest post contains our Romford Film Festival award winning episode featuring one of our favourite pieces of animation – dinosaurs – and one of our favourite episodes about toilet decorum post poop. It all paints such a lovely image…

All new episodes and other comedy is on the way… Despite the heatwave .. and we can’t wait to bring it all to you.

Thanks as ever for the support – please keep enjoying all our comedy wherever you may be. Safe travels, if you are travelling.

Til next time…