Yes… It is a terrible pun. It does mash up Mister Shakespeare. But it does seem appropriate. And we want you to tuck in .. and gorge.

Our latest posting to our Youtbe channel is all about the music, music, music and the songs of The Bruvs.

It’s an epic and we rather like it… Combining our theme song, a mega trailer Meet The Bruvs, the totally nuts The Bollox Song – the testicle mix… and the timeless love song Sweet Chanterelle.

For anyone new to The Bruvs, the theme song and Meet The Bruvs act as handy scene setters and back story on the family and their antics as they try to leave their East London villain ways behind and make a new life in leafy Essex. Sweet Chanterelle explains the love story of Doug and Chanterelle – and should be an official anthem for Essex, we think.

We have to sing the praises of our incredible musical team Stig Winslet and Pete Harbour – and our sound / film editor Paul Richmond for putting the imagery to a lot of the musical numbers.

It’s amazing to think we are making music videos – but it is great fun and they help expand the story of The Bruvs in a very immediate – and, we hope – entertaining way.

We have new cartoons in the works, new audio podcasts and a song for Halloween…

We hope your summers (if it is your summer) are going OK and school holidays are going smoothly.

It’s a bit quiet round Bruvs HQ currently – but we’re hard at it on new material.

All our platforms – get us – continue to grow … facebook, youtube, twitter and insta – and we thank you all for that. Please do keep supporting and do keep spreading the word about The Bruvs.

As said – lots of exciting things on the way… Til next time….  The Bruvs

In the meantime – you can get stuck into our latest youtube offering here: