Hello – You know how we said there was a load of stuff coming your way from us VERY SOON? Well, Very Soon is HERE Right Now …

We were promising you a bumper crop of NEW and EXCITING things from TheBruvs … New films, New Songs and a NEW Merch Shop Page here on the website. Woop Woop, we heard you cry.

Well, it’s only the first week of February and already that FIRST NEW FILM and SONG are here in a Two-For-The-Price-Of-One deal – that’s absolutely FREE.

Our rather clever Music Department (Title in lieu of Payment) has come up with the rather catchy Love Song for forthcoming Valentine’s Day and beyond .. SWEET CHANTERELLE.

It’s a little ear worm that will have you singing it the rest of the day, once heard.

It’s all about Doug Bruv wooing his one true love – Chanterelle .. His crop-topped, spray-tanned mademoiselle… Who can murder a bottle of Zinfandel.

It’s on our Soundcloud site – with our 15 other original songs, music and short sketches featuring TheBruvs’ characters – in all its glory here :

BUT that is not all. Oh no.. Woop de woop we hear you cry.

There is also a NEW FILM – Music Video – to accompany the song .. It’s a little cracker. It’s on our Youtube channel with all our 23 films and you can find it here :

AND that is still not all because our all new animation short is on its way too and will be on our Youtube channel VERY SOON. The BEST way not to miss out is to head over there and SUBSCRIBE to the channel. Totally FREE. You just get a note when our New Films are posted and go Live. What could be easier?

News  of our Shop page soon too.

Told you it was an exciting time here at TheBruvs HQ. We hope it’s exciting for you lot, too.

Thanks for all the support.. Have a WATCH, Have a LISTEN .. COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE – and please do keep telling others all about us.

MORE, Much MORE SOON …¬† TheBruvs