Hey … You know how we said there were lots of exciting things coming your way this year.. Well, they are all coming VERY VERY soon. And we can start sharing things with you right now… Yes. NOW.

The image for this latest Blog is from our latest, all-new comedy animation film STORM IN A COFFEE CUP which will see TheBruvs, Doug and Den, embrace the all-pervasive coffee culture head on, literally. They take their custom to a rather trendy coffee shop near their new home – the base for them trying to mend their ways and leave their criminal and violent ways behind them … There they will encounter hipster culture and the barista in the image. What ensues has to be seen to be believed and it will be here on our website and at our YouTube channel soon….

ALSO – Our very exciting All-new SHOP Page is nearly ready to go Live. You can see hints of it on the website Homepage already. Full details will be announced when we are sure it is all working OK. But what we can say is MORE Product featuring TheBruvs’ rather marvellous¬† logos will be on offer.. So, as well as our previous black and white T shirts and our Mugs.. you will also be able to get your mitts on Baby Bibs, Baseball Caps, Jackets for dogs (or cats, we suppose), Hoodies and Sweatshirts. And we are looming into new designs too to splash across these items.

ALSO – MORE All-NEW content… A very exciting LOVE SONG is on its way in time for Valentine’s Day… called SWEET CHANTERELLE. Yes.. Doug serenading the lovely Chanterelle. Bet you can’t wait, you romantic fools. It’s not far off and we are working on a SONG and an all-new animation VIDEO to accompany it.

ALSO – More All-new comedy Podcast sketches are on their way too, featuring all TheBruvs” regulars and new characters too.

You lucky, lucky lot… Not bad, eh? And it’s not quite the end of January yet. Can you handle all this amazing news and new content? We know you can.

Of course,we’re thrilled to be bringing all this to you .. BUT we are also totally grateful to you all for being so patient and supportive in between times. Thank you all.

We are always trying to grow TheBruvs and to reach ever more people worldwide and expand our fan-base. You help tremendously with all your Likes, Shares, Shoutouts, RTs, Tweets, Follows, Subscriptions and Comments. It helps us hugely. As do all the Photos and little videos you send in of you lot in our T shirts and with our Mugs.

Good on all of you .. And please do keep all those photos and films coming in. We love to receive them and to share them.

Please do keep spreading the word on TheBruvs and do keep liking, sharing, commenting and joining in with our fun and games and malarkey. .. Like Wednesday Wink Day and Thumbs Up Thursday… Oh yes.

Thank you all.. More from us soon.

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