All being well you’re in a position to give yourself a pat on the back. Why? Well, because you made it through Christmas, New Year, Back to School and Back to Work… or some or all of the above. Good going.
We hope all of that went well for you but now here at TheBruvs we are full steam ahead to make 2019 a bigger, brighter, funnier, cartoonier, podcastier, bloggier and merchandisier year.
We are VERY excited. It doesn’t take too much to get us all of a flutter.. but there are some great things coming soon.

A NEW, FULL, ANIMATED CARTOON … with more already in various stages of production. The first one is a cracker.. with TheBruvs failing, as ever, trying to go about an everyday task in their new High Street.

NEW SKETCHES IN OUR PODCAST SERIES… We’ve recorded some belters .. with some amazing new characters all set to be revealed. The first set-up will be all too familiar.. It involves a call centre, automated responses, being put on hold, hold music and selecting options… Naturally, TheBruvs have all the patience in the world for that sort of malarkey.

AN ALL-NEW SHOP PAGE WITH SOME AMAZING NEW GEAR BRANDISHING THEBRUVS’ LOGO – Are you ready for Caps? Hoodies? Sweatshirts? Baby bibs? – Even jackets for pets? All on trend.

– And that’s just in the immediate future.

Also, our least unattractive Brand Ambassador is being let out again here and there. He’ll be back on BBC Radio Essex within days of this Post. Stand by. Don’t know how he keeps tricking the BBC into letting him back.

Other interviews, blogs and Pods also coming up.. We are not slacking.

Our resolve is doubled to bring TheBruvs to ever more people and to grow our little funny films and podcasts into something a little bit grander.

ALL with your amazing help and support, of course.

So, as ever, a HUGE Thank you to you. And you.. and you, over there.. Yes, you. And you.

Updates on all the great stuff we have bubbling up right here.. and also on all our social sites.. Twitter, Facebook and Insta. Do keep checking them, sharing and commenting and spreading the word on TheBruvs.


– TheBruvs