Even those lugheads TheBruvs get a bit gooey-eyed at this time of year.. even they look back at the year gone by through rose-tinted specs. Well, not exactly rose-tinted.. more blood-smeared.. But you get the drift.. It is a time to reflect, to look back, to reminisce and to ponder things to come…
We’re no different.. and the upshot is it has been a CRACKING year for TheBruvs.
Kicking off as it did with some great publicity on the radio.. Hoxton Radio and BBC Radio London no less.. We also continued our appearances on BBC Radio Essex.. Through the rest of the year our least unattractive Brand Ambassador was let loose on the air with Fubar Radio, Soho Radio, BBC Three Counties Radio and again on BBC Radio London before a big finish on Resonance FM.
Massive thanks to all involved for having us on and, in some cases, for having us back.
It is much appreciated.
We continued to make our cartoons and you took to our films Toilet Fresh, two special extended mega-mixes, Getting The Hump and our very special version of Tooth Fairy using our original storyboards and the first ever artwork for Doug, Den and Jason.
Excitingly we also launched our podcast, music and songs site on soundcloud.. and you seem to have taken to the audio versions of TheBruvs. We are proper chuffed as we rather enjoy bringing you these. It’s all the same characters, but we can have more fun and we can introduce some new characters as well.
More podcasts very soon.
And more cartoons too.
The main thing to mention this year, as ever .. is YOU LOT… We have grown our fanbase enormously through 2018. And throughout the world.. which always amazes us. Thank you, Merci, Danke, Gracias, Grazie, Thank you Thank you.. we can’t say it enough. You have been amazing – joining in with our daft T shirt picture requests – and really going to town in some… we also love you for joining in with our Wednesday Wink days and our Thumbs Up Thursdays…. It’s all about a bit of fun, innit?
So, what of 2019? … Exciting stuff to come .. it even excites us. MORE all-new Podcast comedy, MORE all-new animations… AND a big move on our Merchandise .. with more products available soon complete with TheBruvs logos. All these are work in progress and we will bring you news, details and content as soon as it is ready for you.
Of course, the other thing to mention for 2019 is all the things we don’t have planned.. We would LOVE to come on more radio shows, TV shows, Podcasts, Vlogs, Blogs, we love to be interviewed, to talk TV, animation, film or social media. So, if you have a channel, magazine, newspaper, podcast .. and you’d like to talk with our least unattractive Brand Ambassador.. dive in our DMs or email us here…
We hope you all had a smashing Xmas.. TheBruvs did.. We wish you all an amazing New Year.. If you’re out partying – do take care.
Do keep telling people about TheBruvs … and all of you have a very Happy, joyful, exciting, New Year – from all of us at TheBruvs.