It is here – at the time of writing most of you are probably all packed up for the Seasonal holidays. Just a few sleeps to go til Santa does his rounds. We hope you have a safe, warm, lovely Christmas and we wish you all good things for the New Year.
We’re not quite shut down – do we ever? – at TheBruvs HQ.. But we are slowing up let’s say.. That’s not to say we haven’t been doing our bit right up to the last…
We’ll do a full Review of the Year in our next Blog.. But for now a brief recap .. We now have 22 films on our youtube channel and website pages, an ever-growing army of amazing followers, Likers, supporters, RT-ists and Subscribers all over the world… and 10 sketch comedy podcasts on our soundcloud site along with 4 original songs and pieces of music.
New podcasts very soon and more cartoons on the way too.
We’ve had a cracking year. And we cannot ever thank you lot enough.
So, in general terms, we reckon most of you have made it on to Santa’s Good List .. so you might get some good stuff.
TheBruvs are helping out with the deliveries this year – using Bruvs One – TheBruvs’ very own international import/export plane… Obviously, if they happen to keep a few things for themselves that’s a perk of the job.
Our least unattractive Brand Ambassador was out and about doing promotional stuff right up to thelast – appearing on the rather lovely Resonance FM .. Links will be posted on our social media sites. It was a great chat with the folks on the Shoot The Breeze show about all things movies, TV and – luckily for us – TheBruvs another adult animations. It’s OK. Our Brand Ambassador bloke is all locked up again now. Safe and sound. Not quite sure how he got out again.
The promo never ends – as we want TheBruvs to keep growing as we want to keep making our films and Podcasts and to keep developing the characters and their misadventures to the full. We have many plans and hopes and …
That is all for 2019 …

Have a great and Merry Christmas one and all – TheBruvs insist. We’ll still be doing our bit on Facebook, Insta and Twitter .. and a round up of the year and the year to come will be here next time..
Til then, have fun, enjoy the break if you get one, keep telling people about TheBruvs!!!