Although Facebook and other places are already looking BACK on 2018, we’ll be having a proper Review of 2018 in a few weeks as proper New Year approaches.
Right now, we wanted to say a seasonal Thank you to all who have supported us so far .. and the many who have discovered TheBruvs and helped boost our numbers in the last few weeks. There has been a noticeable rise in views on our youtube channel, likes to our Facebook page and followers to our Instagram. As we say, Thank YOU all.
Getting the numbers up is a great help to us at TheBruvs as that is the currency an online show is judged by. So the more online support we can show people, the better.
Of course, we’re also looking forward .. and have new animations and new podcasts on the way soon. And we have lots of new ideas of what might happen with Doug, Den and all the characters in future misadventures. We are very excited to make it all happen and bring all the ideas to life.
Hopefully – if you celebrate – your Christmas plans are well under way. Shopping – food and gifts and celebrations.
Have a safe and fun run up to the BIG day from all at TheBruvs.
As you can see from the image, Old Man Bruv is full of Christmas cheer in his Xmas Jumper.
Thanks to all who are sending in Festive images for us to share – with their TheBruvs T shirts and mugs.. and thanks for playing along with Wednesday Wink Day and Thumbs Up Thursday too. All the pictures and little videos you send in are brilliant – and much appreciated. You are the best.
So, Bruvs HQ is still full at it making more funny stuff and we’re looking forward to some very funny new mayhem.
More from us soon.

Til next time – TheBruvs!