The first of December – ALREADY?! – Where did that year go? No. Really.. Where? There must be something in the water these days that makes every 12 months pass more speedily than the one before.

That said, we know that a lot of you are pleased to see December – as it’s the final countdown to that special time of year when the white-bearded man in red comes a-calling. We hope you’ve all been good girls and boys.

Of course, TheBruvs have been trying to be good. That is the whole point. They are trying to make a new life for themselves. Trouble is – generally – it does not go that well. And it doesn’t help that they’re not really into all this Good Will to ALL men malarkey. They might struggle to be on Santa’s good list – as always.

However, you lot are always on our good list. And, as ever we want to say MASSIVE Thanks for all the support, likes, shares, RTs, Subs and Shoutouts. It all means to much to us.

We have treated you a bit, already – with the posting of our all-new comedy podcast – ANOTHER RUDE WORD. You can find it on the Podcast/Music Page on the website or on our Soundcloud.

We’ve had a little Festive thought – How about those of you with – or about to get – a TheBruvs T shirt or Mug .. do a special festive pose – with some Xmas decs, baubles, tinsel, a greeting .. whatever takes your fancy. Send it in and we’ll post it. And we can do any sort of shoutout you fancy.. Happy Xmas, a special event or we can even threaten someone they better eat their sprouts this Christmas.

Come on – get creative and send us a great Christmas pose or a little video. You know you want to.

MORE cartoons and more Podcasts and More everything from us just as soon as we canĀ  getĀ  it finished.

Please keep sharing and liking and following us.

Stay good … Until next time : The Bruvs