Yes – we know Thanksgiving is an American thing.. but it is creeping over to these shores as the internet connects us all evermore.. somewhat like Hallowe’en’s Trick or Treat – or Brick or Treat as TheBruvs would have  it.

Of course Jason loves Thanksgiving because he gets to eat loads and Chanterelle reminds TheBruvs of Thanksgiving turkey because of her, er, skin tones.

So, with that in mind and Black Friday – another US-based event now very much part of our lives… we wanted to say how much we are grateful for all that is going on for TheBruvs.

As per our last post, we are now under way with changes to our shop here on the website. We are looking to offer a much wider range of gear with our logo on and we are looking into even more ways to spread the word of TheBruvs beyond our fashion. More news on all that as and when we have things in place. We are very excited.

Of course it is also Black Friday this weekend and we would urge you to leap on our T shirts and mugs right now to get the best price. The rising costs of post and  packaging and manufacture means we are going to be forced to up our prices a bit once our new lines and shop are up and running. We are sorry. But it’s the way of things.

All that aside, we have new Podcasts and new animations under way and we will be posting new comedy stuff very soon. We can’t wait to share with you.

Other reasons to be Thankful just recently include the ever creative ways you are sharing pictures of yourselves with our T shirts or Mugs. Some of the posing is really raising the bar.  We love receiving these pictures and little videos – we love to see them and we love to hear from you. Do please keep sending them in – as creative as you want to be.

We are also grateful to all the media and bloggers and podcasters  who are talking and writing about TheBruvs and letting our least unattractive Brand Ambassador loose to plug TheBruvs. He’s doing his bit on BBC Essex again to talk sketch comedy and the likes of Morecambe and Wise, Not The Nine O’Clock News, Catherine Tate, Monty Python and The Two Ronnies. No mean company that.

So, we are truly Thankful at this time for your support, the chance to offer you more stuff and the chance to share more comedy featuring TheBruvs with you.

Thank you all. And  to all who celebrate Thanksgiving and who will be hunting a bargain on Black Friday – We wish you well.

More from us very soon – TheBruvs