HO HO HO … Yes .. no sooner than the fireworks fizzle out.. Although some are still bursting round here as this is written.. than the gun is fired on CHRISTMAS. Say it quietly. Not everyone is filled with festive spirit in the second week of November.

BUT it seems the supermarkets, perfume people, kids’ toy people and most food folk have started to advertise as if Christmas was here.

Of course TheBruvs love Christmas as much as the next kid – big or small. Some of us might draw the line at Brussels sprouts. And TheBruvs themselves are not best known for Goodwill to all men.. BUT minds are turning to that Season.

So, with that in our minds, the big news to report is that we are looking to up the standard of TheBruvs merchandise..

Currently – as a lot of you know – we offer Mugs and T shirts with our logos on. The response to them has been phenomenal and takes our breath away. The proof is in the growth of our Wear It ‘n Share It wall of fame… From humble beginnings people have really got into the swing of things. We have pictures galore featuring TheBruvs T shirts and mugs and in the most amazing locations and getting ever more creative.

We also receive loads of little videos from you showing off your Ts. We are chuffed – and ever so grateful for all the support.

We might even have the beginnings of a new VIRAL trend … THEBRUVS’ T SHIRT VIDEO SHOUTOUT PASS IT ON CHALLENGE. Yes. It’s a catchy title. But, basically, someone might wear their Bruvs T shirt, record a message and call out another Bruvs fan to wear their shirt, film a message and call out the next person.. who puts on their T shirt, films a message and calls out… You get the drift.

That aside, we are starting to get queries about other products .. sweatshirts, hoodies, baseball caps.. and more. So we are seriously looking into making these available with TheBruvs logos on. Watch this space.

In the meantime, before we get all almost-professional on you.. You can still snap up our Ts and Mugs are ridiculously low prices.. Really. Daft. We are told people like the quality of the shirts. So.. it might be an idea to think of TheBruvs T shirts as a gift for this coming Christmas .. for fans, actual brothers, twins, mates who are like brothers, brothers from other mothers, step-brothers, half-brothers, baby brothers…

You can always Message us on Facebook or Twitter or Insta or email us via this website or visit our current shop site on that ebay… Do message any queries or issues. Please. We want to help.

The Ts and Mugs help us to carry on. So it is good news to be supported in this way. We thank everyone who has already and hope it might all continue.

You can find the items here:  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222325960251?fbclid=IwAR21lTDsXdmpVE2Q8OsZbaoIUGxh_M7otlufU5uDaLEA48dER8keJMB5NvE

Have a look… More options and a new-look shop COMING SOON.. Do get stuck into our bargain prices.

More cartoons on the way and more sketch comedy Podcasts too…

Thank you all for all the support .. Until next time.. The Bruvs