YES – here we are looking to cash in.. You wouldn’t expect anything less from TheBruvs, would you?

We know it’s different all over the place – and we understand that some of you have no cause to celebrate, for many reasons… But Sunday March 31 is Mother’s Day in the UK and we have some gift idea suggestions. Well, one really. Basically ANYTHING from TheBruvs’ Online Shop…

What Mum, mother, gran, granny, stepmom, Mom… wouldn’t fancy a TheBruvs mug, sweatshirt, dog vest, baby bib, cap, hoodie or T shirt.. emblazoned with TheBruvs logo – and, if wanted, a name or nickname…

Do check out our site… It helps us to keep making the funny stuff. Or what we call the funny stuff.

We are in the thick or more funnies right now… New sketch podcasts – with some AMAZING new characters meeting TheBruvs for the first time… and new cartoons.

We’re also working on other ways to help promote TheBruvs to a wider audience.

We were lucky enough to get a mention from Garry Bushell in his On The Box column in the Daily Star on Sunday. We’re a Small Joy, apparently, along with Big Narstie on Bake Off and Diana Dors on The Sweeney.

So, it’s back to work for us .. and do have a go at our Online Shop.. A TheBruvs merch is not just for Mother’s Day, or Christmas or ….

IF you are celebrating – do have a jolly Mum’s Day… Of course, our thoughts are with those missing Mums too…

More from us soon….

Til next time….  The Bruvs !!