Oh dear… we are sorry. But we’re back saying THANK YOU again. It is getting a little predictable but please bear with us.

The fact is we have a lot to be thankful for at the moment.. YOU have got stuck into our new animated film GETTING THE HUMP.. Thanks!

And you have also taken to our NEW Podcast, Music and Songs site over on Soundcloud. Thanks!

Even more excitingly for us, we have put even more amazing things – our opinion, hope you agree – on the site … which is now also part of this website. All you have to do is go to our PODCAST, SONGS AND MUSIC page and click through on the link .. and Pod’s yer uncle.

We have TWO sketch comedy podcasts up – featuring all new material from TheBruvs .. and we now have FOUR music pieces .. Two new ones this week. One is the brilliant rock track as featured in our film MEET THE BRUVS – which we call Ace of Bruvs .. and the other is a fast-paced dance track called Gripnettle from our film HALF BAKED.

New comedy will go up next week. So get stuck in .. Subscribe and don’t miss out. Oh yes and please share ..

AND we have been out and about doing more promo and publicity… We spent a great afternoon with a certain Locherz Knight recently .. and the rather special cockatoo – yes – cockatoo Teddy Knight. We were interviewed for a band new youtube channel movie show coming in June some time. News on all that when we have it.

Keep your eyes peeled on all our sites for more news and write-ups and radio spots as they happen.

So, as we said, Thank you all as always. We are working on new animated films too… So lots more to come from TheBruvs – please keep with us and keep Liking and Sharing and Spreading the word.

We could not and would not do this without you. Thank you again –

TheBruvs – Enjoy!