HELLO – It’s been a little while but some of you might have noticed multi-award winning animation director Eoin Clarke and myself have been a tad tied up with a completely different project. BUT we assure you The Bruvs is still MOST active. The big local news, we suppose, is Lockdown easing. It seems to be taking shape and continuing. Fingers crossed. We hope you are emerging and that we can all resume more and more parts of our lives that were put on hold in 2020.

The Easing, reopening of pubs and other venues to indoor business have inspired our latest offering. NEW to our Youtube channel right now! Titled BIG NIGHTS OUT it looks at 48 hours of Doug and Den Off the leash and on the  lash.. Making the mosr of new-found freedoms. As only they might.

We hope you enjoy it.

We’re working on new material and we still post topical observations and the lifestyle and lives of The Bruvs on our facebook and twitter sites. Do please give them a follow.

As we said, we hope you are emerging and that all continues to re-open.

We wish you all well. Thank you as ever for all the support. Please keep telling people about The Bruvs and all the stuff they get up to. Naughty boys.

Til next time – enjoy our latest film, Exclusive to our youtube channel here: BIG NIGHTS OUT