Hello – It’s April and the Roadmap out of lockdown continues to take shape (hopefully) as things like hair salons, barbers and non-essential shops reopen to customers. Cafes can have outside tables. Pubs can have outside service. Fingers crossed for this to carry on.

Of course, we work on at The Bruvs. New stuff is coming. And we do what we can to raise a smile (even a laugh, possibly) on all our social media. Thanks for all the support and for backing The Bruvs – Indie Brit animation comedy.  If you fancy – do buy some merch .. it helps us keep making things. There’s loads at our online shop https://www.thebruvs.com/shop/

We urge you to support your local shops too. Keep that community spirit going if you can.

Of course, The Bruvs themselves are known for doing their bit for local artesanal shopkeepers. They had that run-in at the new local cafe a while back but they also like to get their gear for “big jobs” from local DIY stores. We’re going to share an example of them doing that very thing..  It’s one of our Podcast cartoons .. One we very much hope to turn into a full animation when we can.. That’s partly why we need you to support us by buying some merch. Please…

Anyway – we hope we’re all on the way out of lockdowns and a gradual return to life will continue.

Here are The Bruvs doing their bit for local shops. Poor them :