Hello – Greetings from The Bruvs HQ. It seems, only seems, we might in the UK be heading for a way out of lockdowns and to opening up once again. Fingers crossed.

There’s a way to go yet – and we are still here trying to bring you as much entertainment as we can from those naughty brothers Doug and Den.

We work on, as the Bruvs haven’t been invited yet to take over from any members of the Royal family who might have moved away. We’re also hoping for that blockbuster interview with Oprah Winfrey some time soon – for the publicity.

In less than a year, you’ve had our song Lockdown Blues, three lockdown films, our rather naughty Taking The Piss film, our all-new mobile game Bust-A-Door on googleplay and on the AppStore….and NOW we have a new film on our youtube channel. You lucky lot. It’s one of our special remixes.. But it’s all about oneĀ  of our favourite words at Bruvs HQ – Bollox.

We’ve harked back as well with the title… Never Mind the Bollox? … It’s a great mix of films and a music video all linked by that special word.

We’re working on more all-new stuff and will bring that to you as soon as we can.

Thanks as ever for your support. More gags all the time on our facebook and twitter. Do Like the page or follow us. Keep spreading the word about us and our indie cartoon comedy…

More from us soon.. In the meantime – Keep safe and get stuck into our new film right here: