Hello All – We hope this finds you all thriving.

Continuing busy times at TheBruvs .. new films, new podcasts, new publicity stuff, new followers, new fans, new supporters… Thank you all.

We are all a bit tingly at TheBruvs because we think we might have come up with a neat idea to give pleasure to the more geek-ish of you – you know, the real animation gurus – and the more regular supporters among you.

About a million years ago – no, say 999,999 – a handsome young TV writer, producer who might have been called Ian – you know, the least unattractive Bruvs brand ambassador who ruins all those publicity photos for TheBruvs – had an idea.

He was lucky enough to meet a multi-award winning animation director called Eoin.

Eoin drew Ian’s ideas and even created an amazing full story board for a very ambitious episode of a thing called TheBruvs.

Quite a few years later, here we all are. BUT that ambitious film never got made. So far. It was voiced – in that we recorded the voices for it as an episode – and now it sits proudly on our soundcloud music and podcasts site as a sound-only sketch. Please visit and have a listen. We are rather proud of it. Links on the website.

Any road up, we thought it would be rather nice to make a kind of film out of the storyboards. So we did… and that will be our next film… while our all-new next all action film is being finished off.

The storyboard film – TOOTH FAIRY – will be going LIVE very soon on our youtube channel and our website. It gives a great sense of what the film might look like fully animated. Sadly, just for the moment, that is beyond our budget and would take too much of our time, as we try to keep new films coming to you as regularly as we can.

It’s all about Doug and Den trying to do a good deed for their nephew Jason by pulling out his wobbly tooth – so he can cash in with the Tooth Fairy. But they are cashing in too.. filming the saga for the home movie outtakes show You’ve Been Maimed.

What could possibly go wrong?

It’s a niceĀ  piece of work and thanks as ever to all the very tiny Bruvs team .. Paul Richmond, Stig Winslet and Pete Harbour. And a little shout out to Andi Turner too. Thanks to all.

So, it’s not only a film using an original storyboard .. It’s a film using THE original storyboard.. back in time where TheBruvs were born from the mists of, er, whatever.

We’ll be shouting about the TOOTH FAIRY film when it’s up… but keep those eyes peeled. Make sure you NEVER miss out on our new films by SUBSCRIBING to our youtube channel. Please do. It helps us a lot. And we don’t pester you.

As we said, lots of other new stuff on its way too… Keep a look out for more publicity interviews, little film shoutouts from our posse of T shirt and Mug posers… and all our new stuff on Instagram, twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for all the support. And please keep telling as many people as you can all about TheBruvs.


Til next time – TheBruvs