Greetings All… TheBruvs hope you enjoyed Christmas.. or at least survived. It can be a testing time. TheBruvs certainly get tested as they try to establish their new crime-free, well-behaved, tolerant lifestyles in their new homes.

We hope you got some nice gifts and enjoyed the nosh.

Flogging the cold meat, turkey curries, bubble and squeak and tough mince pies can be a tester too…. during the time after Christmas and before New Year.. sort of Chrim-Between.

Of course a quick viewing of TheBruvs – or even a binge-watch – might help people through such hardship.

Christmas telly didn’t seem to add up to much either – so viewing TheBruvs at your leisure might be a pleasing entertainment distraction.

And – as well as all-new films coming soon – we are plotting a special set of treats for you for the New Year… Longer episodes of TheBruvs.. Yes .. longer is better, we say. Possibly.

Having been advocates of the Less Is More faith, we have decided to build some of our favourite episodes into longer sitcom style shows to see how you feel about them and how newcomers might feel about them.

It also gives a hint of what we plan for TheBruvs when we have the resources or backing to do it.

So, we are thrilled to let you know that an all-new episode that might have something to do with road-calming measures and how TheBruvs take to them is very close to being finished… AND that very soon there will be TWO SPECIAL longer episodes of TheBruvs to enjoy.

More on all that very soon.

In the meantime, thanks again as always for ALL the support. We are most grateful.

Please keep watching, keep telling others about TheBruvs and stay tuned for our new things coming SOON !!!!


– All best to you all – TheBruvs