Hey …  These Holidays keep coming along like buses… We just had Easter, it seems and now.. it’s May Bank Holiday in the UK. So, a long weekend beckons for some.

And it all kicks off with that rather special date … You know.. the one that lets your inner Jedi come to the fore.. or the Forth. MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU…

Appropriate, we feel, as we have just updated our line up of posers and it makes us feel mightily forthful. And, even, thoughtful. But not too much, eh?

It just blows our little brains a bit to see how it has grown from a little idea to ask people to send in pics or videos of themselves in one of our Ts or holding a mug.. Whatever.

It is a packed line up now with some great poses.. Most recently one at an Avengers’ Endgame screening event. Alongside The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and the rest… Bruvs Smash !!!!

Of course now we can offer even more gear to pose in… HOODIES, SWEATSHIRTS, CAPS, BABY BIBS, DOG VESTS… And we can not only put our TheBruvs logos on there – we can also personalise with your name or nickname or another name of your choice. So, please do check our shop out. It is rather exciting.. https://www.thebruvs.com/shop/

Rather like our NEW LOOK Youtube Channel which we were gloating a bit about last time. You seem to have taken to it.. and the ready-made compilations we have set up on there. Thanks for supporting. Keep watching. Keep sharing – and please do SUBSCRIBE to our channel.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI5al_Dl4V0kh-dxBsbjyig

While we’re on the scrounge.. if you have time over this nice, long weekend you might also get stuck into LIKING our FB page or following us on Twitter… links are all on our website home page.

We are always trying to UP our numbers to show how our support is growing. It seems daft – but it is important to keep TheBruvs growing so we can keep doing what we do.

We’ve been thrilled to support another Showreel Share Day – where actors promote their talents to producers, directors and casting directors. Many of our posers and other supporters take part and show just what talents they are.

We’re hard at it on new films, new comedy sketches, new music and new songs.

So, til next time – PLEASE HELP TO UP OUR NUMBERS ON ALL OUR SITES and do please SHARE SHARE SHARE all our links with all your chums – and even people you don’t like.

Thanks all – have a great Bank Holiday – if you get one.

Til next time – The Bruvs !!