Hello! – Hope your 2020 has got off to a flying start. It certainly has here at Bruvs HQ. Still delighted with the response to our Christmas film we’ve already allowed our Least Unattractive Brand Ambassador out to appear on BBC Radio to plug The Bruvs as only he can.

Then, kinda out of the blue – we received an amazing Invitation to submit one of our films to a Film Festival contest in the USA. We were flattered and thrilled. And, surprisinly for us, we got to thinking…

It was back in 2017 that we cheekily entered the inaugural Romford Film Festival in glorious Essex with our offering Talking With Dinosaurs… And we won. Yes – we won. Yes – we are Award-winning. Actually we are. But that was our last effort to enter one of these Festivals.

We felt it only right to get to work on what we would enter now so we chose our combo film CAR TROUBLES… We added fresh graphics, fresh sound FX and some new content… And created a souped up version which we’re calling the International Festival Version.

So, we’ve now submitted it for scrutiny in a couple of months time at the Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival. We cannot wait! Thank you again all at the Festival for inviting us.

Mind you, now we have a film all prepped up and ready to go for other Festivals.. So – we are fully open to any more Invitations to submit to anywhere in the world if anyone would like to feature The Bruvs and some Brit comedy adult animation. We’re waiting….

Meanwhile, we are working on new films, new audio sketch comedy and loads of other new stuff – with some big meetings on the horizon…

As ever, we’ll keep you posted right here on all things new and newsy – and specially on our progress in the Film Festival competition.

In the meantime – you can view our International Film Festival Version of Car Troubles right here: –