MASSIVE NEWS !! – Well, Massive for us. So, quite big in real terms.. But we are massively excited about it. After some most enjoyable technical issues – we love tech things here at TheBruvs… they always go so smoothly… – we can now make a massive announcement… OUR ALL NEW SHOP IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS…

So, we can now offer you a wider range of stuff plastered with TheBruvs logos… Are you ready for this?… CAPS, SWEATSHIRTS, HOODIES, BABY BIBS, DOG VESTS, MUGS AND T SHIRTS… with a choice of our TheBruvs logo with faces or without faces.

Yes – Baby Bibs and Dog Vests – we think they will look great!!!

We can discuss extra colours if wanted and PERSONALISATION – we can put names or nicknames or company names on items as well (for an extra charge).

Every item sold helps us to carry on doing what we do here. And we hope you will help that. We have so many more ideas and hopes for TheBruvs .. loads more funny stuff we want to make and bring to you.

AND we’d love to bring more stuff too.. Like Greetings cards, calendars.. and more. Plus we’d like to start offering more than our logos – some of our Catchphrases too on clothing and other images from TheBruvs.

It is most exciting for us to reach this stage and we are massively thankful for all the support we have been shown.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…

Obviously,  the SHOP pages are VERY new and we apologise in advance if there are any teething problems. We have all worked very hard to try to avoid that and to make it all as simple as possible.

There are more details within the pages .. BUT in general terms.. we are offering a limited selection of colours in each item of clothing. We can provide more colours if you want to contact us about that.

We are offering a choice of TWO logos – our TheBruvs symbol with faces or without faces.

And we are offering a range of sizes for each clothing item – up to 5XL in some cases… But not all. Please check each item’s Description details for more information.

Also – the Prices shown INCLUDE Postage and Packaging costs for the UK only. For Europe we ask you to add £3 and for the rest of the World we ask you add £5.

Again, please check the notes in the Description for each item within the Shop pages.

We will always aim to dispatch and deliver items as quickly as possible and to inform purchasers of any delays or issues.

You can always contact us via this website’s contact pages or you can message us via our Facebook, twitter or instagram sites to discuss any issues as well.

We are delighted to offer this stuff to you and we hope you like the look of it…

AND, of course, if you get any we really would love to see Photos or Videos of you – or whomever – with the items… Giving TheBruvs a shoutout… Remember, we will always give a shoutout to you as well and any birthdays, anniversaries, launches, events…

Thank you as ever for all the support you show TheBruvs.

You can find the shop Pages on our website here :

Meanwhile we are working on new cartoons, new sketch comedy podcasts and more besides….

Thank you all – Until next time : The Bruvs