HERE IS A CHALLENGE – from TheBruvs.

As you know, we love getting you involved in what we are up to. We love to see you Posing up a storm in our T shirts or holding our Mugs. – Please do keep sending those pictures and videos in. Even if you have sent before, send again. We want to see them and you.

We love how you have got stuck into our weekday challenges … WEDNESDAY WINK DAY and THUMBS UP THURSDAY.

We love to see you lot Winking at us – and we love to see you Giving us the Thumbs Up. Please do keep sending us those pictures and videos too. And, once again, repeats are welcome.

NOW we have a new gauntlet to throw down. Loads of you are CREATIVE and ARTY – we know it. We see what you post on Facebook, twitter and Insta.

We have started to receive some amazing ARTWORK of TheBruvs and of things  to do with TheBruvs – self portraits wearing Bruvs T shirts, for example…

So, we want to throw this wide open … SEND US YOUR ART WORK AND HOW YOU SEE THEBRUVS – it can be anything to do with us… Doug, Den, Chanterelle, Jason, Janice or Dad.. or you with something to do with TheBruvs. We know you know your Arts from your elbows.

It’s kind of FAN ART thing and we want to see what you can do…

Just post what you create on our Facebook :

Or Twitter :

Or on YOUR accounts and TAG US IN….

We want to see what you can come up with…

The rather marvellous image for this blog of Doug and Den is by cartoonist Steve Lillie – check out all his work on FB, Twitter and Insta.

We’ve also had great images from another cartoonist Glenn Marshall – who does work for Private Eye magazine, no less.

So, come on… Get your paint, crayons, pencils, pastels.. whatever out and do some TheBruvs art work.

We are VERY excited to see what you can do.

– Til next time… TheBruvs