Hello!!! Some rather nice weather has kicked in round our way after the wet .. and it got us thinking about our rather nice T shirts.. You know, the ones with TheBruvs logos on them .. The ones that have proved quite popular and which loads of you have been good enough to pose in – and send us the pictures .. and even little videos.


Well, now it can all be even more brilliant.. We have mentioned it.. BUT NOW we also do loads of other gear that can be emblazoned with TheBruvs logos – even with YOUR name or someone else’s name or nickname.. or company name, or Hen Do name or Stag Do name…

We are always striving to grow here at TheBruvs – more films, more sketches, more music, more songs and longer films.. It all takes time and making a bit of money to help support that would be rather brilliant too.

Whenever you buy a T shirt.. or a MUG, or SWEATSHIRT, or HOODIE, or CAP or even a BABY BIB or DOG VEST you are helping to support us and Indie Brit animation… Brilliant.

So please do visit our shop and have a rummage. You might find something you like.. and imagine it with TheBruvs logo on it.. Even more brillianter.

Of course, we are still working hard on new films, new sketches and new all sorts.. We’ve had a good response to our Illustrated Podcast – the episode MORE RUDE WORDS which is a follow up to our film RUDE WORD. We’ll be doing more of those for sure.

So, as ever, loads to come from TheBruvs – more funny in all sorts of ways. Do please keep supporting us, keep on Liking, Sharing, Commenting and Subscribing to our stuff – and generally telling others about TheBruvs. And, even more brilliant, do it while wearing one of our rather nice garments or holding one of our mugs…

Find our stuff here: https://www.thebruvs.com/shop/

Get stuck in.

More soon from TheBruvs you brilliant lot !!!