HELLO!!! – These holidays keep coming round, don’t they? Well, for some. For those enjoying the end of May Bank Holiday, half term and even a getaway – Have a good one!

We are sort of working on, here at TheBruvs.. And with that in mind.. We posted a new – sort of – film on our Facebook and other social stuff the other day.. At last we were able to compile some of the amazing video messages you have sent in – posing with your TheBruvs’ T shirts. Thank you all who have sent them in. Please do keep sending them in – and do always make new ones.. All are welcome.

We’ll be making up some more of those films in due course. The support we get is bonkers. We are so grateful.

IF you want to get involved in this great Posing malarkey, just check out our Merch here on our website at the shop. Not only T shirts these days – there’s hoodies, caps, sweatshirts, baby bibs, dog vests and mugs… Get stuck in.

We are, of course, still working on new cartoons for you.. AND we are continuing to work our way through our Podcast sketches.. Illustrating them with various imagery. Although these are NOT full-on TheBruvs cartoons,, they seem to be proving popular and are a way to show what the full blown animated films will look like when we finish them.

So, we will continue to make these illustrated Podcasts – as we call them – and we’ll continue to bung them on to our Youtube channel.

As a result of this new content, the channel is looking really busy.. Not just new content but also some great collections of films gathered into Playlists for your enjoyment. Thanks for all the positive feedback on all these.

Keep it all coming our way – please… Views, Comments, Shares, Likes and do SUBSCRIBE to our channel. Please.

In our latest Illustrated Podcast, you get a chance to meet TheBruvs’ formidable sister Janice in all her glory. Doug and Den come face to face – and face to fist – with  her as she berates them for their terrible influence on little Jason, their nephew, her son. They were meant to teach him NOT to use bad language. Instead, they increase his potty mouth vocabulary in two amazing lessons in Rude Words… See all that in previous films RUDE WORD and ANOTHER RUDE WORD.

We’re thrilled to bring Janice to life – in a way. We want to bring ever more characters to life and we can’t wait to do it. Your support is important to let us do that.

So, Thank you and do please keep spreading the word on TheBruvs.

Til next time … TheBruvs !

Our new Illustrated Podcast – SISTER PACT is here: