Hellooo – Hope your year continues to move pleasingly forward. Busy times at The Bruvs .. We’re working on new cartoons, new audio sketches, images and much more. We’re also working on all-new scripts.

Our chums in America are also keeping us busy with news… Not only have we been invited to screen at the Wisonsin Indie Film Fest but we’re also to be screened to a select audience at another venue of filmmakers and media types linked to the festival. Seems our entry to the show – an upgraded version of CAR TROUBLES – is going down well over there…

We always like making new friends.. And we have made some great new chums recently .. So much so that we have moved in with them…  They move in criminal circles to say the least… They’re the nice folks at the home of London Crime – at LondonCrime.co.uk …

The Bruvs are now officially Brand Ambassadors for the site – we love this because we really laugh when we see this term used.

London Crime is an appreciation site for all things London Crime – True Crime, Crime Movies, Crime Stories, Books, Authors, Actors, Directors, Producers. It’s not about glamourising Crime .. But it is a resource that is lovingly run by its organisers. We’re delighted to tie in with them all.

So, you can now fund some of our films on the site and you can find all our links to our social media and our youtube. BUT – while you’re there, do check out the rest of the site and check out the books, actors, films and other groups linked to it all.

Thanks as ever for all the support you give us here at The Bruvs. We’re working hard to keep entertaining you as best we can.

More from us soon..

In the meantime : Here’s our Page at LondonCrime : http://www.londoncrime.co.uk/the_bruvs/index.html


Here’s a Promo film we made :


The Bruvs are diversifying their business interests – They can now be found lurking with criminal intent at the home of London Crime – LondonCrime LondonCrime.co.uk – check it out : A great resource for fans of Crime Stories, Crime films, True Crime, Crime books, – and some mildly entertaining comedy cartoons : TheBruvsTV : http://www.londoncrime.co.uk/the_bruvs/index.html

Posted by TheBruvsTV on Friday, 21 February 2020


Til next time – The Bruvs !!