Hello! – Blimey.. Hope you all had a cracking Hallowe’en. We saw how so many of you celebrated, dressed up – and went off Trick or Treating… The Bruvs have had a top time too… Our Hallowe’en special – Brick or Treat – has proved popular and has received a lot of praise, publicity and views at our Youtube channel. Thank you all for all the support. Much appreciated.

So.. Clocks have gone back in the UK. It’s fireworks season.. and The Bruvs ventured up West the other day to doscover that it’s blimmin Christmas already in the big stores up Oxford Street and such like. From November 1st?! And – the Christmas telly ads have started too.. Lidl with the Leafy Blinders, Walkers Crisps with Mariah Carey and more.

So, in the spirit of always looking to cash in… If it’s not too soon? – Get yerselves stuck into The Bruvs Merch this Christmas… In buying our stuff you are truly supporting us and backing British Indie cartoon comedy… So we can fight the good fight against the US juggernauts like Family Guy, American Dad and South Park…

In case you didn’t know we now do a whole range of stuff with The Bruvs logos on .. and we can also personalise stuff with your name, the name of a club, company, nicknames or team names..  We do CAPS, T SHIRTS, HOODIES, SWEATSHIRTS, BABY BIBS, MUGS AND DOG VESTS in a range of colours and sizes. You can find THE BRUVS ONLINE SHOP at our WEBSITE HERE: https://www.thebruvs.com/shop/

Of course, if you get yerself something and support The Bruvs, we are ever grateful but we’d also love to see a picture of little video of you in the gear or with the gear. All pics and videos are appreciated.

Do try to do what you can to help us.. And shop early… Very early, we know…

Meanwhile – much work going on at Team Bruvs HQ on new films, new podcasts and more funny stuff for you to enjoy.

More news next time…

Thank you all – The Bruvs

You can see the sort of thing our supporters get up to with our Merch here :

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Posted by TheBruvsTV on Sunday, 13 October 2019